City of Raleigh Fire Department Basic Fire Report


Alarm Date: 11-25-2022

Incident Number: 22-0047761

Address: 3000 Gresham Lake RD RALEIGH NC 27615


Dispatch Time:
Arrival Time:
Clear Time:
Incident Type:Outside Fire Large Raleigh Fire units along with county resources were dispatched to 3000 Gresham Lake Rd for an outside fire. This address is the mulch yard were several fires have occurred over the last year. RFE15 Officer cancelled all responding units and proceeded to the scene. RFE15 arrived on scene and found workers actively working to control the mulch fire with making a fire break. RFE15 Officer spoke with the owner who advised they needed no assistance and would be on scene until the fire had extinguished itself. No further assistance was needed, RFE15 returned to available status. Note--RFE15 Officer advised HQ if able to confirm the address by passing motorist and if it was indeed the mulch yard that no response was needed. However, the owner advised he would contact HQ if resources were needed.